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Residential & Commercial Liquid Propane

With over 15,000 active customer accounts, the team at Affordable Fuels recognized the need for a reliable and affordable propane service and decided to start Affordable Liquid Propane!

Since 2019, Affordable LP has been installing high-efficiency residential and commercial propane tanks, furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, propane appliances, and more across Snyder County, Union County, Northumberland County, Dauphin County, and surrounding areas.

Now offering the same great prices and customer service to all of Central PA’s propane customers.

Our Propane Products :

We are proud to offer delivery services to the following customers in a 9 county region:

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  • Propane Water Heaters
  • Propane Furnaces for Home Heating
  • Propane Appliances like Stovetops & Clothes Dryer
  • Propane Gas Generators to Power Your Entire House
  • Luxury Items like Fireplaces, Pools, Spas, Grills, Lighting, & More
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  • Agricultural Uses for Greenhouses, Drying Systems, Pumps, Generators, & More
  • Restaurants & Hotels for All Your Power, Heating, & Cooking Needs
  • Industrial Uses like Forklifts, Fleet Buses, & More
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Why Affordable LP?

Choosing the right energy source for your home or business can be overwhelming.
With so many options and so many providers, where do you even begin and who can you trust? Your answer is Affordable LP.

We offer reliable customer service and consistent prices to households and businesses across a 9 county region.

Why should you choose propane?

It’s a safe and clean energy source for your home and business.

Propane gas generators can continue to operate during power outages.

You can power your whole house from one fuel source. Propane hot water heaters also take less time to restore hot water.

Propane generally costs less than electricity. Propane furnaces produce warmer air flow than electric heat pumps, resulting in a more consistent heat source.

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